The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is for children under 18 and who are eligible for Medicare. The scheme provides these children and teenagers with access to up to $1000 in benefits for dental services over a two-year calendar period.

How Do Children Qualify for This Scheme?

To qualify for these benefits, children should be eligible for Medicare, must be aged between two and seventeen years for any one day of the two-year calendar period. Their family must qualify for the Family Tax Benefit Part A, or alternatively the child must receive a specific payment from the Australian Government. A list of these payments is available from the Department of Human Services. Teenagers and families who qualify are notified by Medicare so there is no need to register.

Which Dental Services Are Included in the Scheme?

The benefit schedule covers preventative dental care services that include examinations, cleanings, x-rays and fissure sealants. It also covers essential restorative services like fillings,

extractions and root canals. These benefits cannot be used for cosmetic or orthodontic dentistry or to pay for services given in a hospital setting.

If you would like more information about the CDBS, please contact Citra Dental Group to make sure your child doesn’t miss out on any benefits.