Regular visitors to our practice will know we have two male and two female dentists, all of whom provide the high-quality and compassionate care Citra Dental Group is renowned for. Seeing a female dentist isn’t unusual these days, and in many parts of the world female dentists are starting to outnumber male dentists. But, even just a few years ago it was still relatively rare to find practices with female dentists, something that is worth remembering in the shadow of  International Women’s Day celebrated last month.

Why Dentistry is a Popular Career for Women

Dentistry is a caring profession, and it is not unusual to find female dentists have chosen this career because they want to make a difference to their patient’s lives, and especially when it comes to treating people with dental anxieties or phobias. Both sexes would probably agree that dentistry is an enormously satisfying career where you literally get to see people smile with good health and confidence, sometimes after years of dental problems.

Isn’t It Difficult to Maintain a Good Work-Life Balance?

No-one denies dentistry is challenging, and you do need a good amount of stamina and resilience to cope at times and to do the best for patients. However, there are plenty of women who are successfully managing to combine careers at a thriving practice with a fulfilling home life.

Dentistry is a Popular Career for Women