Dental anxiety is common amongst children, but you can take steps to ensure going to the dentist isn’t scary or upsetting. Overcoming dental anxiety is crucial because regular dental visits help build a strong foundation that will hopefully allow your child to enjoy excellent dental health for life.

1. Talk to your child about what to expect as this will help them to feel more comfortable and relaxed. You don’t need to provide too much detail because our dentists can answer any questions your child may have.

2. Engaging in pretend dental visits can be a great way to relieve dental anxiety. Pretend your child is sitting in the dental chair, count their teeth and hold up a mirror to show them how the dentist will look in their mouth.

3. Talk to your child about why dental visits are so important, explaining how good oral hygiene will help keep their teeth strong and their smile looking great.

4. Resist the urge to offer a reward for dental visits because this could make your child believe they are about to do something unpleasant, potentially increasing apprehension.

5. Don’t use your own dental experiences to help put your child ease because often adults will have dental anxieties that are inadvertently conveyed to their children.