Your teeth must put up with a lot, including frequent temperature changes. These often occur because of your diet, but did you realise the winter weather can make your teeth contract when you breathe in the colder air?

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity when you eat something hot or cold, this can worsen during winter. As your teeth contract and expand in response to temperature changes, it creates tiny cracks in your teeth. Eventually, these cracks can expose the layer of tooth just beneath the enamel and which is called dentine. Dentine contains microscopic tubules that transmit these temperature changes directly to the tooth nerve, causing discomfort and pain.

Anyone can find their teeth hurt during the colder weather, but the risk is higher if you don’t practice good oral hygiene. Also, it is possible for your dentine to become exposed if you brush your teeth too vigorously, if you clench or grind your teeth, or if you tend to consume a lot of very acidic beverages.

If you do have sensitive teeth, ask us for help and advice here at Dentists of Dandenong as we can diagnose the cause and provide the most suitable treatment.