Are you afraid of the dentist due to a fear of pain? At Dentists of Dandenong, our priority is a pain-free and pleasant visit for you.

Dedicated to pain-free dentistry, we use The Wand and other tools to minimise discomfort. We understand patients’ fears from past experiences, which is why we strive to change this.

If you hate the needle and have been delaying your dental treatment, then we hope we can change your mind.

Anaesthesia: The Wand

The Wand uses the latest local anaesthetic technology. It provides controlled anaesthesia without using a syringe – in fact, it doesn’t even look like a needle, reducing the fear and anxiety surrounding them.

The Wand achieves painless anaesthesia application by;

  • Using a computer-controlled rate of delivery
  • Delivering anaesthetic slowly with controlled pressure against the gums

This procedure only numbs the immediate area around a specific tooth and is guaranteed to be slow and steady – increasing your level of comfort.

Penthrox™ Inhaler

The sedative comes in the form of an inhaler that you have full, supervised control of. It’s suitable for both children and adults and is a great option for those who experience anxiety or require more invasive treatment.

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