If you are pregnant, congratulations! You are probably doing everything possible to maintain good general health, but have you thought about your oral health? In fact, changes during pregnancy can affect your dental health. Ensuring you look after your teeth and gums at this critical time will protect you and your baby. Over the past few years, several clinical studies have shown a possible link between poor oral health, specifically severe gum disease and premature birth and low birthweight babies.

Routine Ongoing Dental Care Is Perfectly Safe during Pregnancy

Once you know the happy news, make an appointment to see us, as ongoing professional oral care is essential. Our dentists will ensure any treatments suggested are safe for you both, and we can monitor your dental health for any changes.

The hormonal changes during pregnancy do affect your gum health. You could notice they bleed more easily and look red and swollen because your gums are more sensitive to bacteria, a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. More frequent hygiene appointments can help, removing the bacterial build up, so your gums remain stronger and healthier.

Also, we can provide lots of useful information about how to cope with other problems during pregnancy like morning sickness. Contact Dentists of Dandenong today on 03 9791 9688.