When you have a cold or flu, your dental health probably isn’t a priority, but it can affect it considerably.

Dry Mouth

Usually, when you have a cold or flu, you cannot breathe through your nose and instead must breathe through your mouth. Consequently, your mouth can become dry and uncomfortable. Also, decongestants and antihistamines can all reduce saliva production, making your dry mouth feel even more parched.

When your mouth is drier, bacteria can thrive, increasing your chance of developing gum disease and tooth decay. A dry mouth also makes it harder to chew and swallow your food properly. Continue taking your medicines as they will help you in the long run, but make sure you drink plenty of water and suck on sugar-free throat sweets to stimulate saliva flow.

Sinus Pain and Toothache

When you have a virus like a cold, it increases the risk of sinusitis, an infection that can place pressure on your sinus cavities located just above your back teeth, making it feel as if you have a tooth infection. Usually, the symptoms will clear up on their own, but if they don’t, you may need antibiotics from your doctor.

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Cold or Flu Affect Your Dental Health?