Easter is a great time to get crafty with your kids, so why not choose one or two projects that will help spark their imagination?

Make Paper Flowers

Take some cupcake liners and fold them in half to cut out pretty petal shapes and put several together to make a flower. Use floral wire folded in half and twisted around to form faux flower stamens and wrap stems with floral tape.

Easter Egg Pictures with Washi Tape

Put colourful washi tape on white paper and cut out egg shapes. Use the egg shapes to make decorations or immortalise their craft forever in a picture frame.

Egg Carton Easter Chicks

Cut up egg cartons to make little Easter chickens that can be painted and decorated individually. Your kids can make an entire family from a single egg carton.

Paper Plate Crafts

Use paper plates and coloured paper to create spring animals. Use a yellow plate and feathers to create spring chicks. White plates covered with cotton balls make great Easter lambs.

Paper Bunny Fruit Bags

Coloured paper and washi tape are all that is needed to create little paper bags with bunny ears. Who knew eating fruit was so much fun!