Have you ever seen pictures of people living in remote parts of the world and who have the most beautiful straight teeth yet don’t have access to dental care or even toothpaste and toothbrushes? Perhaps you have wondered what their secret is? It is undoubtedly something dentists have pondered on in the past, and far from being genetic, crooked teeth could be due to diet.

People living in remote locations tend to eat a more traditional diet, free from refined sugars and which are rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K. These foods are found in animal fats and organ meats, and in full-fat dairy products. Yet when these people are introduced to a westernised and heavily processed diet, cavities and crooked teeth can develop in just one generation.

Nowadays, we often tend to avoid full-fat dairy products in favour of lower-fat foods and where the fat has been replaced with refined carbohydrates. When our diet is devoid of the right nutrients, our jaws cannot grow properly, resulting in crooked and overcrowded teeth. Ensuring our bodies have adequate nutrition can greatly benefit dental health and overall health, and healthy fats are an essential part of this equation.

Are Crooked Teeth Really a Matter of Genetics?